Thursday, June 8, 2017 9:00 am — 4:30 pm Baxter Brewing Lobby, 130 Mill St, Lewiston, ME 04240

$60 | Pre-registration required | Price includes food truck lunch. Prizes available. Professional development credits are available.

Take the Safe Streets Tactical Repair Survey 

Data shows that slower travel speeds through populated areas can increase safety, quality of life, and the economic performance of streets. With tightening budgets, increasing interest in urban areas, and growing instances of conflicts between vehicles and people, there is a need to establish a more inexpensive and efficient way of delivering street safety improvements.

Join local City officials, Maine Department of Transportation, Lewiston and Auburn Public Works departments, Maine Public Works Association, the Bicycle Coalition of Maine, and others as we explore strategies to improve roadway safety within Maine community centers. Using the resources and staffing talent already available in our communities and a multi-disciplinary approach, we will explore ways to better use limited resources and avoid costly engineering studies and long transportation funding cycles typically associated with street improvement projects.

The workshop will include a presentation of best practices in low-cost strategies to reduce vehicular speeds, increase safety and comfort, and attract private sector investment. The workshop will provide training on how to identify a problem street
or intersection, generate an improved design, gain the support of elected officials, communicate effectively with the public, secure materials, make the installation, and finally observe and adjust as needed. The workshop will involve a real-time physical installation in Lewiston, using MDOT approved plastic bollards, tape, paint, traffic cones, and other inexpensive materials. Tactics such as curb extensions, crosswalk striping, intersection narrowing, 4-way stops, and road diets will be installed and observed to assess the change in driver behavior and pedestrian and bicycle safety.

The installation work will remain on display for the Build Maine conference on June 9th.

This workshop is appropriate for elected officials, town and city managers, Public Works Directors, Road Commissioners, Road Foremen, Department of Transportation staff, police, fire chiefs, economic development directors, real estate developers, citizens, and state-level policy makers. Skills learned can be applied in communities of all sizes. 

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