Videos from Build Maine 2014

Edward Barrett

This is Edward Barrett's opening presentation welcoming attendees to the Build Maine conference.

Kevin Bunker

This is Kevin Bunker's presentation on the state of development in Maine at Build Maine 2014.

Jeremiah Bartlett

This video is Jeremiah Bartlett on transportation design at Build Maine.

Jeff Speck

This is Jeff Speck's presentation on walkability at Build Maine in 2014.

Chuck Marohn

This is Chuck Marohn's presentation on Strong Towns at Build Maine.

George Proakis

This is George Proakis' Build Maine presentation on planning in Somerville, Maine

Steve Mouzon

Steve Mouzon's presentation on Small Scale Infill at Build Maine 2014

Victor Dover

This is Victor Dover on community engagement at Build Maine in 2014.

Photos from Build Maine 2014

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